A Help Letter from a Strong and Loving Father from the UK

On June 16, 2021, we received a letter of help from Jonathan Sheldon from the United Kingdom. He asked for help with an air purifier for his daughter who is suffering from brittle asthma. The  43-year-old father has been severely ill and disabled for 8 years who has a wonderful wife and two beautiful children with autism. His wife gave up her job in order to take care of him and his children. He has nearly died many times and has been resuscitated twice in the last two years alone, and continues to fight on to be with his family. He was previously a successful hard-working professional but due to health he had to give up work, had to sell his family home, possessions and use life savings due to health expenses, and trying to keep a roof above his family’s heads. He is reaching out for help as his daughter suffers from brittle asthma which is a very severe form and they have been strongly advised to purchase an air purifier to improve the air quality in their home to reduce the risk of severe attacks caused by pollen/mold spores etc. Due to their situation, they cannot currently afford to buy one.

After receiving the letter, ROVACS deeply sympathizes with him and agreed to give him an air purifier.

On June 18, the ROVACS air purifier has been issued from the Amazon FBA warehouse. The freight bill number is QB0133301666. And he received the air purifier on June 21, he was so thankful that he took some photos for us. We sincerely hope that their family can tide over the difficulties, his daughter can get rid of the threat of asthma, he can also get better soon, and the family can live a healthy and happy life.

There are some pictures about him and his family members.